Funding with Personality

Undeniably Diverse.

We are redefining early stage Venture Capital.

Startups to Enterprises

Our experience ranges from Silicon Valley startups to Ivy League universities. We’re your team for leading internal initiatives and defining global goals.

Going Beyond Capital

We fund startups that we are emotionally invested in. We’re here when you need investors that are willing to give up more than their pocket change.

Automation for Efficiency

Expertise in automation allows us to hone in on what matters most: your business. We help grow your business through advanced digital marketing that doesn’t take away any of your valuable time.

No Idea Too Big

We’ve combined years of tested VC investment strategy with our love for getting ideas off the ground to redefine early stage funding. No matter how big your idea is, we can carry some of the weight.

Endless Opportunity Awaits

We provide early funding to give startups the power to innovate. Whether you need to test your product or build your first prototype, we are here to hold your hand throughout the process.

How We Do It

The end is just a byproduct. The real magic lies in the process. Discovery and definition are where problems find solutions. Design is how you share it with the world. Our development and execution expertise will help you make the most out of each step.
Every venture is unique. There is no cookie-cutter template for immediate success. We adapt our workflow to fit your specific needs.
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At a Glance

Every member of GoVC has proven their entrepreneurial success in multiple industries. GO VC is able to cater to any startup or agency.